Friday, December 31, 2010

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Very early Friday

It's 36 degrees at 5:45.

We had a beautifully "white Christmas," but it looks as if we could have at least a partly green New Year's Day!

I took this picture on the last day of 2006. It might happen again!

The WKTV forecast: "The warmup is still on track to take place (Friday) and Saturday. Temperatures warm up into the low 40s on Friday, and upper 40s on Saturday. The weather stays cloudy but dry through Friday, Friday night, and most of Saturday. A cold front will bring some light rain showers Saturday night. These rain showers may briefly turn over to snow showers late Saturday night.

A generally quiet stretch of weather takes place Sunday through Wednesday. Some light snow showers will be possible on Monday, but nothing significant is in the forecast for the foreseeable future."


Lisa Rider Pardee, who lives in Ilion, sent me this picture that she took yesterday morning. Her comment, referring to the sky filled with contrails: "The planes are flying!"

Great news for travelers!



Tomorrow is New Year's Day

and that means that

Tonight is New Year's Eve.

Once a year we sing it, and wonder where it came from, and why:
"Auld Lang Syne"

(Click the image for more.)

Have a great day and a Happy New Year's Eve!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The last Thursday of the year!

It's Garbage Day

21.7 degrees and sparkly, starry clear.

WKTV's Weather forecast: "Sunshine prevails (Thursday) with temperatures climbing above freezing in many areas. Starting Friday, our weather takes a major turn. Very mild weather makes its way into Central New York for the last few days of 2010. With high temperatures exceeding 40 degrees on Friday and Saturday, many areas will turn green. Cooler weather returns by Sunday."



Girls' Varsity Basketball
Holland Patent 55
Waterville 44


"Teen Injured in Waterville Crash." From the Observer-Dispatch



"Shrek Forever After"

Free Movie!

Free Popcorn!


6:00 p.m.

This picture was taken by Jeff Reynolds during yesterday's showing of "Despicable Me!"

(Thanks, Jeff!)



(from Susan Huxtable, who is married to Jeff Reynolds.)

We're going to be hearing more and more and more about "natural gas," "horizontal hydrofracking"
and "Marcellus Shale" from groups and individuals who either support drilling for the fuel that "we" are sitting on or who are adamantly opposed to having our water, environment, agriculture, and infrastructure threatened - or, even, destroyed - by associated traffic, equipment and machinery

...........BECAUSE ............

the southernmost part of Oneida County is on the northern edge of the "Marcellus Shale" bed as are counties to our south.

This is one of these issues that seems so large that
one is inclined to simply say, "Que sera, sera!"
(What will be, will be!)

Otsego County ( has a powerfully informative (and persuasive) website.

I spent all yesterday afternoon - while John Eisenhut's crew of carpenters made sure that no amount of snow and ice will be able to bring down the roof over my back porch! - and part of the evening going from one link to another to another and could probably spend several more days the same way.
In view of the amount of technical and confusing material that's "out there," you can surely become better informed in a far more expeditious manner by taking a couple of hours to go to the Mt. Markham High School next Tuesday night!




Fuess-Cleary Road View.

Marty Cleary's flag.

Front Row Seating



Dawn and Willie

Everything's outdoors that you need for outdoors!

Norway Maple blossoms by Monument Park.

Spring Beauty and Dog-tooth Violet in the Fuess-Cleary Woods.


In May

Snow on Mother's Day!

Memorial Walkway at the high school

Sunning, at the Schoolhouse Apartments

Wild Columbine in Forge Hollow

Haying on Lewis Road

View North, from Greene Road.


more later on!

Have a great day, everyone!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wednesday morning

It's Recyclables Day

28 degrees, overcast, but no precipitation at 5:45.

The WKTV forecast: "Patchy freezing drizzle has fallen overnight and continues in some spots this morning. Be careful on the morning commute, as there will be some slippery spots. Freezing drizzle comes to an end by late morning across most of the area, but may linger across Northern Oneida and Lewis County. Temperatures this afternoon climb into the low 30s with much less wind than the past few days.

Decreasing clouds tonight. Temperatures will fall into the teens. Sunshine prevails tomorrow, with temperatures climbing above freezing in many areas.

Starting Friday, our weather takes a major turn. Very mild weather makes its way into Central New York for the last few days of 2010. With high temperatures exceeding 40 degrees on Friday and Saturday, many areas will turn green. Cooler weather returns by Sunday."



Kasner Tournament at Little Falls
Waterville 12 16 9 14 -51
Dolgeville 13 5 4 17 -39
Waterville: Fallon 10, Buell 3, Hodge 5, Fitzgerald 4, Zogby 9, Homer 5, Kochanowski 15. Totals: 21-3-51.
Dolgeville: Nagle 6, Bliss 20, Winkler 7, Jaikin 6. Totals: 10-19-39.
3-point goals: Waterville, Fallon 2, Hodge 1, Kochanowski 3. Dolgeville, none.



Click to enlarge or click the link.

"Weather, unsafe speed caused crash" from the O-D.

I am - and, so, I've been following the Smith Media and Time-Warner Dispute:
also see this. "Sinclair Media to pull Fox, ................."


This nice letter from John and Ann Cockell (Wendy Sexton's cousins) in Hatfield Peverel, England!

"This is just to say "Hi" to all relatives and friends in the Waterville and Deansboro areas from a very cold and grey country called the UK. After several weeks of snow and temperatures well below freezing we are all getting a little tired of slipping and sliding everywhere. Our one foot of snow is little compared with what you have had but it is enough to bring everything here grinding to a halt. Everything, that is, except those intent on their Christmas shopping, and there is nothing - but NOTHING - that will stop those folks hunting for their bargains. We have had major airports closed, rail services totally disrupted, trucks stuck in snow and blocking highways - but apparently the authorities are doing everything they can do sort out the mess and it is no-one's fault that the UK is, effectively, closed for business!

Coupled with that, our petrol (gas) prices have just reached a new high - in your terms, we are now paying $9 per gallon, with a further rise due in a week's time when purchase tax is increased from 17.5% to 20%. So, if you think $3.25 per gallon is a lot, imagine the cost of filling up a car over here.

We wish all the readers of "the blog" a happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous New Year and maybe - just maybe - we shall get to see some of you again in 2011.

Best wishes to you all. Ann and John Cockell, Hatfield Peverel, England"

(This is - as you can see - a "stock image" from Google. But it may be sort of a typical winter view.)



A note from Jack Youngs, yesterday, saying that at 7:00 a.m. it had been only 25 degrees:
) and another from Les Risley who agreed tht it was cold, but wrote that at least it was sunny!)

I don't know what he'll resolve to do in 2011, but he should feel really good that he accomplished his goal for 2010: Jody Hildreth resolved to run 1,000 miles - averaging 3.3miles a day - and he did it!!!

Jody with Tessa and Aubrey.


And Thank You! to all who wrote to commiserate on my "injured paw."

Doing nothing is tough, but I'll persist!


Have a great day.

(Remember: "Despicable Me" plays at 1:00 at the Library

and it's FREE! Think I'll go!)


Pussy Willows

Winter Aconite in Dicksville



Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday afternoon

I thought that this week was supposed to be calm and relaxing:

not so!

Unexpected interruptions and/or complications - I've concluded that I should take a vacation!

Tuesday morning

Overcast and 20 degrees.


Patricia Morgan Landy
of Montclair, NJ,

1927 - 2010


From WKTV: "Lake effect snow showers are back in the picture here today. While most of this snow will fall on the lighter side, some roadways may be a bit slick for the morning and evening commute. Most areas will pick up a trace to 2" of snow. See the snowfall map on the right for more details.

Temperatures today will be less chilly, with highs in the mid to upper 20s. Winds will be breezy, but not as strong as yesterday. Wind chills will likely be in the teens for the majority of the day.

More snow showers will linger early on Wednesday and then our weather patterns take a major turn. Very mild weather makes its way into Central New York for the last few days of 2010. With high temperatures exceeding 40 degrees on Friday and Saturday, many areas will turn green. Cooler weather returns by Sunday."


Click the link or the image.


I didn't even leave the yard, yesterday - for a combination of reasons - but I'll see what I can find to take pictures of, today.

In the meantime, here are a
A Few of my February Favorites


Typing one-handed is a slow process, but I think that today will be a good day for me to finish writing Christmas cards. I can do that, and I think it's about time!

Have a good day!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday p.m. for Tuesday

18 degrees and mostly clear.

While the East Coast has been hit with a memorable blizzard, the most we've seen of it has been about an inch of new snow and some fiercely strong wind.
It's been cold all day, but there's hope for a little warm-up tomorrow!

From WKTV: "Some lake effect snow will whiten the ground on Tuesday. More snow showers will linger on Wednesady and then our weather patterns take a major turn. Very mild weather makes its way into Central New York for the last few days of 2010. With high temperatures exceeding 40 degrees on Friday and Saturday, many areas will turn green. Cooler weather returns by Sunday."

And this forecast, from YNN: "Lake Effect Developing Tonight"

"Very cold and windy conditions are in store for today. While actual temperatures will be in the low to perhaps mid 20s, it is going to feel more like the single digits to below zero! Any light snow showers or flurries across the region are expected to taper. Tonight, lake effect snow showers will begin developing becoming more organized by Tuesday morning. It will be a cold and blustery night with temperatures actually climbing through the 20s.

Winds will become more westerly tomorrow shifting the steadier lake effect snow just north of Syracuse. However, lake effect snow showers will remain a threat through about midweek with quieter weather for Thursday and Friday."


From Brian Cossette, Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop 108:

"Before the holiday season the Boy Scouts of Troop 108 cut down several trees to make our annual Reindeer for Troops overseas. Here is a picture of the boys showing off the trees at the Oriskany Falls Fish and Game club. Along with the trees, the boys collected and donated toiletries, games, and candy to include in the boxes. Also enclosed is a picture of Josh Tice proudly displaying the tree he received from our boys."

What a really nice project for the troop! I'm sure their efforts are greatly appreciated!

(Thank you, Brian!)


From "Rusty," these beautiful shots of our favorite sort of scenery!

(We love New York!)

Gorton Lake

Christmas Frosting!



From the O-D via Google News: "Receiver of nice deed passes along kindness to OpSun."

(There's a photo of someone we know!)


Those of you who know me know that I really detest housework and will go to some lengths to avoid any contact with dust-cloths, vacuum cleaners or flatirons. Not only do I not LIKE using these pieces of equipment, I often get injured by them ---- and it's happened again! I grabbed a broom, last evening, to sweep the light covering of snow from my back porch steps so that I could add a few shakes of "sno-melt" to bits of ice. Before I knew it ---- no, I didn't slip on the ice! ---- in giving the top step a final really good sweep, I managed to turn my left wrist 'way too far in the wrong direction. I knew right away that I should never have picked up the broom ---------------- and now, twenty-four hours later, I'm wearing a bag of frozen peas and typing with just one hand.

There's no sharp pain; no huge swelling and/or discoloration; just total, 100% aching pain and everything I do reminds me of the folly of it all! I've learned my lesson: no more brooms for me and, if you come to visit, be prepared to practice your ice-climbing technique!

Have a good evening, everyone!