Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's September! Where did August go?


It's Recyclables Day



11:00 - 5:00



4:00, vs. VVS - home.



at 6:00


"Child's Play"


Five more days 'til School!


It's 60 degrees and dark at 6:00 AM

From WKTV: "More sunshine Wednesday and Thursday, with highs approaching 90 degrees in most areas. A strong cold front will arrive on Friday afternoon, bringing us showers and thunderstorms late in the day. This front will likely keep Hurricane Earl from impacting Upstate New York. However, it will be a close call for New England.

Much cooler weather will follow behind this front, with highs likely not getting out of the 60s by the weekend. Cloudy, with lake effect rain showers, especially across the North Country.


Right on schedule ............

........... the "Buckeye" next to Buell Avenue is turning orange.

Several maples are showing Fall color, too, but - as in this case - I think that's because the trees are not very healthy.

Old pastures and hedgerows glow with goldenrod ..............

.............. and there are touches of yellow, here and there, in this field of soybeans, next to Hanover Road.

The great beanfield behind and beside the Waterville Public Library has turned out - I think - to be a field of soy: not "green beans," as was thought earlier in the season.


No one driving in or out of the village on Hanover Road and Berrill Avenue can have missed seeing what's going on the the old "Eastern Star Home!"

Painters have been at work!

And what an amount of work that is!

I've taken scads of pictures of the "work in progress," but this is the first time that I think that my photographs give a good representation of the color that's being used. I'm sure that the paint company has given this particular shade of light greenish-yellow (or yellowish-green) paint a romantic-sounding name, but I just think it looks like very pale celery leaves.

Whatever it's called, it's a very pleasant color and the Macks are using touches of deep "plum" here and there on the mostly-white Victorian trim.

It's looking good!



Three years ago last week.



Have a great day, everyone, and - once again -

Keep Cool!